Review: P Money vs. Big H - Lord Of The Mics

Originally published via SBTV.

We were invited down to the live filming of Lord of the Mics 6 to get the full low-down on one of the most historic battles in grime history…

A lot has been said over the last 24 hours. Firstly, it must be noted that this clash was legendary. No matter what the outcome, Jammer and the team have created another spectacle which is going to go down in the history books.

I can’t remember the last time there were so many MC's, rival crews and genuine supporters in one venue anticipating a grime event of this magnitude. The only comparable image that comes to mind is of Dizzee & Titch’s infamous match-up in the early days.

Whether you disagree with the outcome or are unhappy about something to do with this battle, the fact is; people are talking.

The crowd was a sea of familiar faces from Chronik, Big Narstie and OGz, to Invasion, Boy Better Know and Lethal B, everyone was in the building.

The clash was scheduled to begin at 2pm. Naturally, at this time we were told that Big H was still on his way to the venue.

In the meantime, the crowd saw two battles from Dialect vs. Opium and Dorris vs. Hazman. Both were received positively and did well to amp up the crowd before the main event.

Eventually Big H arrived, swam through the crowd and got on stage.

Spitting first, H was only able to get one bar out before the room went wild. The instrumental dropped so hard it felt like the entire venue had done a backflip and landed back on its feet. War was in the air and H came out swinging, to the elation of the crowd, but P soon stepped up to begin his onslaught.

All was going well…until P finished his bars. At this point there was silence. Everyone was waiting on H to come back, but…nothing. A couple of jeers came from the crowd before H shouted, “Reload that Logan.” “No reloads. This is Lord of the Mics,” was P Money’s response.

This back and forth continued, with neither of the MC's willing to let up – and an undecided Logan Sama was stuck with the decision whether to pull the tune up or play the next beat. He eventually relented.

The MC's moved on to the next beat, but the momentum never fully recovered. P Money snuck in some great jabs referring to Peugeot 206-gate, and a tough scheme accusing Big H of stealing Crazy Titch’s flow.

Similarly, H had some great one-line flows which, at points, were able to keep the crowd on side. However, as the end drew closer and the clash turned in to more of a ‘German Whip’ live PA than a Lord of the Mics clash, the crowd were not too accepting of the direction things were going.

In response, P came back with his ‘Beat The Tune’ bars, but the frustration of H’s unwillingness to co-operate with the usual LOTM etiquette was beginning to rub both the crowd and P Money the wrong way.

At this point, the clash turned in to a free-for-all, with H refusing to spit and - at one point - even demanding more money for him to continue. Jammer declined this offer.

Ultimately, only one MC was left on the stage.

To witness the clash in full, be sure to purchase your copy of Lord of the Mics 6 when it's released later this year.

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Originally published via SBTV.