Interview + Review: Lowkey - Soundtrack To The Struggle

Originally published via SBTV.

Last Tuesday (November 8th) Lowkey's stage show rocked up at one of Southampton's most intimate and prestigious venues for hip hop, The Soul Cellar, to celebrate the release of his sophomore album, Soundtrack To The Struggle (check out my full review of the album here).

The event was organised by Raygun Youth Events and Score Promotions and helped raise over £500 for charity on the night. With the line-up stacked with up and coming acts such as; Tenchoo, Joe G, Crazy Haze, Awaté and Logic, those in attendance were treated to great value for money.

The support acts provided a perfect warm-up with sick lyricism, hype beats and on-point crowd control. By the time the main event rolled around, the crowd were more than ready.

Lowkey performed a blazing set, coming out to his latest album's title-track before rifling through crowd pleasing freestyles including The Warning, his acclaimed Fire in the Booth freestyle, as well as the legendary, Alphabet Assassin. However, it wasn't just a show full of freestyles, far from it. Lowkey performed some already classic tracks from Soundtrack To The Struggle including the anthemic, My Soul (highlight of the night), Voices of the VoicelessHand On Your Gun and, of course, Cradle of Civilisation.

Contrary to the views of some of the rapper's critics, not only was there no controversy, fighting, or alcohol swilling on stage, but the event was rammed with positivity from all concerned, the crowd included.

After the show, Lowkey took some time out to answer a few brief questions. Check out what he had to say...

With the success of Soundtrack To The Struggle, there must be lots of major label interest in you right now? You've previously noted that you wouldn't consider signing with a major label, but would you consider signing with an indie label such as XL? Relatively large in size, yet more well-known for providing a platform for artists to flourish with their own creativity with acts such as Giggs, Dizzee Rascal etc?

"Yeah man, I'd definitely consider signing with a label like XL, I feel mine and Giggs struggle is similar as we've both been marginalised in many ways, so that would make sense."

With your activism, music and everything else, how do you find time to record and write?

"To be honest with you, I rarely find time to record. It got to the point with this album where, so many of the songs were already on the album that were out and gaining a good response, that really I needed to put it out. I don't actually write as I travel either, I try to make the album exactly how I'd like it."

In Everything I Am you rhyme "don't relegate me below, or elevate me above to you"; how do you balance promoting your music, without glorifying yourself?

"To be honest, I don't actively promote myself. I don't even have a press release, it all just happens naturally."

Soundtrack To The Struggle is available now online from HERE.

Grab your physical edition of the album HERE.