Interview: Nines (2015)

Photo credit: Steven Wiggins

Photo credit: Steven Wiggins

Originally published via SBTV.

Fresh from dropping one of the biggest mixtape releases of the year, I jumped on the line with Nines to dig a little deeper in to the meaning behind the project and find out some of his ambitions for the future.

Congratulations on the release, bro!

Thanks for that, man.

How are you feeling right now?

Yeah, just normal bro.

You crashed the website earlier when we dropped the tape. How does it feel to have so many people locked in and listening to your music?

It's crazy, I'm glad the streets are liking it.

Have you heard anyone bumping it in a car yet?

No, I'm not even in the ends right now actually. I'm in a very suburban area so I'm not sure they'll be listening to me around here [laughs].

Break down the whole ethos behind '1 Foot In' for us...

Basically I'm just one step closer to my dreams init. I've got one foot closer to the industry but obviously I'm still [about]. So I've got one foot in, but the other foot is still right there.

What should we expect from part two of the project?

Just real life stories, man. The next tape is called 'One Foot Out'. This new one is for the roads, everyone was telling me to sell it but I didn't. The next one is about new paths in life. Hopefully I'll be rapping about doing shows by then, but we'll see.

You've clearly killed the mixtape side of things at this point, but is there more you'd like to do in terms of your progression as an artist?

I just want to keep building really; and to make sure my fan base keeps growing like this.

For me -- when I think about your music -- if I could boil it down to one feeling it attaches itself to, it would be ambition. Growing up did you always have that mindset or was it instilled in you later on?

It was probably put in to me at an early age. I was always just ahead of my time in school days. I used to drive to school and s**t like that.

Yeah?! What were you driving?

Ah, nothing big really, just a little Golf [laughs].

What artists were you taking inspiration from at that time?

There were loads of artists that I was paying attention to, so I can't really pin it down to one. A lot of UK artists, definitely. Them times it was So Solid, Kano and Dizzee that were really poppin'; I always liked them.

What artists are you listening to right now?

The whole of the UK scene you know, I don't discriminate at all. I like everyone in the scene.

Are there any collaborations on the cards from anyone outside of your camp?

I wasn't really looking to, but I don't have any problem with collaborating with anyone really. I'm open to working with people.

Okay, lastly, when this is all said and done, what do you want your legacy to be? Because this whole run right now is proving to be pretty historic for not only you, but UK music in general.

I'm only 25 so I haven't thought about all of that yet. I'm not looking to retire anytime soon, though.

Grab Nines' brand new mixtape 'One Foot In' via and be sure to peep the visuals for 'Can't Blame Me' below.