Interview: CAS IS DEAD (2015)

Originally published via SBTV.

Before we get in to this, it's only right we take you back a little bit...

It's early 2012 and I'm scrolling through YouTube, sifting through hordes and hordes of generic music videos when I come across something that would give me new hope for homegrown British music as I knew it.

The video was for CASISDEAD's 'TR.O.N' (his first official release since disappearing as Castro Saint in the mid 00's) -- and, like many others viewing it for the very first time, it blew my mind. Even more puzzling was the fact that the video only had around 100 views on YouTube at the time.

"Why the mask?" "Who is he?" So many unanswered questions...

At a time when street-shot freestyles were often sadly the pinnacle of the scene's creativity, his distinct sound, vision and character set the bar at an almost unreachable height for anyone looking to make a name for themselves.

Fast forward to 2015 and CAS now has a dedicated, cult-like following, but the mystery around him remains. Following on from our interview in 2013, I chased him down once again for another brief chat. This time, we find out where he's been and get as much info as we can about his new project, 'Commercial 2', the whereabouts of 'Commercial 1' and if he'll ever release a full length album.

My bro, it’s been a while! Where have you been?

We built a time machine and travelled back to the early 80s. I'm talking to you from Gary Numan's front room

I'm guessing you've handed in your notice at the nursery, then?

Would you leave your kids around me?

Okay, so before we get in to ‘Commercial 2’, what actually happened to ‘Commercial 1’? Tell the truth, too. Don’t be all mysterious and that…

You've heard it Ash, I told you this before!

You listed a limited number of ‘Commercial 2’ cassettes for sale through your website recently, which quickly sold out. Firstly, why cassettes? And, secondly, will the project be available to stream or buy digitally at some point?

Nah, it's a moment in time. If you were there, you were there. 

What inspired the theme of the project? It’s very Miami Vice-esque by the looks of the artwork…

I'm stuck back here, when music was music. Analog. I can't listen to modern music, something to do with the frequency, f***s with my head.

Your beat selection is always on point. What producers should we look out for on this project? 

None you've probably heard of.

Finally, are we going to get a full-length album in this lifetime?

It's coming. There's some info on 'Commercial 2' if you're interested.

Find CAS on Twitter - @CASISDEAD