Interview: CAS IS DEAD (2013)

Originally published via SBTV circa 2012/13.

I went down to a graveyard at an undisclosed location to sit down for an exclusive interview with one of Grime's most elusive and enigmatic figures, CAS, to discuss the infamous mask, the Dead Chicks and if his long awaited mixtape, Commercial, will ever see the light of day...

This is going to be a question you're used to, so forgive me for asking, but...what's with the mask, CAS?

I'm a teaching assistant at a nursery so I really want to try my best to avoid confusing the kids. They're so young and impressionable.

Where have you been? Five years had past prior to you releasing T.R.O.N last year – would you care to elaborate on your disappearance?


When you left the stage at Fabric earlier this year, the crowd were uncontrollable. How was that performance for you and can we expect to see you on stage again any time soon?

It was interesting, not something I'm very familiar with. Might be back soon, only time will tell.

Although you're most often affiliated with grime -- due to your history within the scene -- your music has a number of other influences; how would you define your sound?

Not belonging to any genre. Just drug-fuelled, cold harsh reality.

Most artists seem to be in a constant struggle to source beats which allow them to fully express themselves. You appear to be one of the very few artists to successfully strike the balance between your lyricism and production on every occasion. How do you source your beats and how important is it to be selective with producers?

Cheers mate. I basically just jump on whatever I like, I would never limit myself to working with just one style of music. You’ll hear some of the weird sh*t I've jumped on pretty soon.

Who does CAS listen to?

No one. I hate music.

In terms of visuals, it seems no one in Grime has came close to achieving what you have with the likes of Leon BestDrugs Don't WorkYellow/Red and most recently, Walkin'. You've really set the bar above and beyond what's been seen before – how important to you is the visual element of your art?

As important as the music. I would consider myself as much a director as an artist.

The trailer was released for your mixtape, Commercial, over a year ago – what's the current status with that?

F**k Commercial. It’s kinda out already anyway.

Moving forward, you're releasing new track, Charlotte, on June 23rd -- what can we expect from that?

An experience like nothing you've seen before.

Can we be dead (no pun intended) serious for a minute? The Dead Chicks; who's your favourite really, though? [Laughs]

My favourite one I keep with me at home. She’s not dead though. Not yet anyway.

Lastly, the infamous red're always wearing the same pair! [Laughs] Can you not get to a Footlocker in the underworld?

Nah, we have an Office down there but it's always packed. I will get some soon, once you slags start paying me more.

Any last words?

Yeah, f**k you Ash. Na I'm joking, I love you really mate.

There you have interview with the Demi-God himself! Stay locked to for the second and final part of our meeting with CAS, where we'll be filling you in on 10 things you didn't know about him until now

CAS's forthcoming track, Charlotte, will be released via iTunes June 23rd. The video for Charlotte will be released the same day.

Interview by Ash Houghton

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